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has that @@ different roles god has of thinking of it felicia in texas first thank you for your teaching you sure welcome is ere anyway you can know in the flesh who the third are the fell into are the other two thirds and no got erased or the races are memory when @@ no whchs here the sond earth and heaven age we have no memory of the first earth @ and heaven age for reason he was those ird follow satan satan's rebellion in the first earth and heaven age to love him and follow him so he esn't want anyone prejudged ifou will seon whaey did in the first is the whole reason for this the send earth and heaven age they haven'ta clue of talking about you needder three world ages also on that list of suggested tapesr cds for new students if you don' understand the thre# wo)ld agesou will never understand this fall called it the mistry of god however wisconsin i was wonderigg about predestination wherdid we originally come from no god but can you explain further well i have a te that you ed áo order the free world ages we just remmended for that is critical tougderstanding the mistry
, extra!" >> all right i am with the family who watches in houston, texas, you guys want to help me out with this one? >> sure. >> go ahead. >> here is tonight's "extra, extra!"! >> "ex jennifer aniston's egg d surprise to conan o'brien. >> i'm giving them to you. >> wow. >> the "we're the millers" star giving him an egg from the flock of chickens that she and justin theroux inherited when they bought their bel air >> we were excited they weren't taking the chickens. they told us what to feed them and what they require. like pasta. >> you're feeding your chickens pasta? >> hey, man, i did what i was told. >> sharon stone taking over the grove for the annual kyles kyles fundraiser for aides research. >> today they gave us a check for $150,000. so we like them a lot today. we celebrating. >> big weekend fornew movie "lo today. >> it's a bittersweet week for "glee's" darren criss. he is set to host sunday's teen awards with "pretty little liars" actress lucy hale and returned to the set since cory monteith's shocking death last month. >> putting the best foot forward as one can. it back t
know le you have letter asked for forgens received it on or with your feobin texas verymportant to understa are wen the first or second di'á kw for su things we will we did go to heavenf this is the second earth age and i was bad in the fst bo good now on the second then what happs must be confused or misunberstand plea explain or bkys me on the best dvd to water on the subject you did misunderstand earth and heav age cov same pe)iod of timrit now are in the co earthnd heaken age what happened i the first earth satan got all puffed up in hs#lf and on an ego t)ip he wanted to god god's children followed him i wanted him to not too sted on his side to there were a special group of people stood with god on his side the a)e called god's elecon today theyhave a destiny rpose in this the second earth age you need to unrstand rob the three rld ages there's a cd 305x6 that you can order or available on dvd for 0506 you needs to understandthat three world ages if u don't understand that you never understand the myste of d sony tennessee thank you for on the mend he's doing well thanks
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)